DIY Safari-Themed Party Decors

And the 2019’s top birthday party theme for boys goes to… Safari!

Therefore, it is a must that Elegant Creators gives you ideas how to DIY a safari-themed party for your adorable boys.

Take a look at our crafts below that will help you pull off your next safari-themed party!

Jungle Backdrop

Image: Liset

What you need:

How to:

  1. Print out a leaf stencil and trace onto the craft paper
  2. Cut out leaves and set aside
  3. Cut tissue papers into strips
  4. Arrange the paper strips into the fishing line in an alternating pattern (green and yellow/light green)
  5. Secure the strips with tape
  6. Position the backdrop onto the wall and tape
  7. Attach the paper leaves on top of the paper strips using a tape

Safari Balloon Table Centerpiece

Image: Hideout Playground

What you need:

How to:

  1. Pump the balloons and tie off with a string
  2. Print out the jungle animals
  3. Tie the helium balloons around the short glass
  4. Fill the glass with play sand or pebbles for added weight
  5. Wrap the glass with a black tissue paper
  6. Place the glass inside the tin can or small bucket
  7. Tape the animal print outs into the wood sticks
  8. Insert the sticks into the short glass
  9. Decorate the tin can as you wish

Safari Table Setup

Image: Indie Made

What you need:

How to:

  1. Measure your party table (front and both sides)
  2. Measure and cut the green tissue paper according to the measurement of your party table
  3. Cut fringes onto the green tissue paper starting from the bottom, leave at least 10 inches uncut
  4. Attach the paper fringe onto the table with tape
  5. Accentuate the party table with fringe strips on both sides of the table
  6. Decorate as you wish

Try these easy DIY safari-themed crafts and let us know by posting your picture with your hand-made crafts on the comment section below!

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