Do’s & Don’ts for DIY Wedding Flowers

Flowers come to mind first, if not second, when planning a wedding.

With just a click of a finger, brides these days have the freedom to Google and ‘pin’ their ideas for their dream wedding bouquets and flower arrangements for their big day.

Many soon-to-be brides buy loose flowers and make floral arrangements themselves. Truly, DIY reigns!

However, it is equally important to know the do’s and don’ts when you choose to DIY wedding flowers.

Elegant Creators can help by saving you and your guests from unnecessary stress caused by pollen allergies and fragrance sensitivity triggered by wedding flowers. And of course, you don’t want lifeless flowers, do you?


Do research about the flower humidity and temperature requirements

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For most cut flowers, the ideal temperatures range from 33°F to 35°F while tropical flowers need 50°F to 55°F.  

You may do the following to keep flowers fresh:

  • Place flowers in a vase with cold water and store in a cool room
  • Store in a refrigerator
  • Keep out of sunlight
  • Remove plastic on or around the flowers

Do look for flower inspo online or from magazines

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To stay within your budget and to make sure that all the flowers you bought will be used, find flower arrangement inspiration. Take time to search online or from bridal magazines for the flowers that you want for your wedding.

Do choose flowers that last all day

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Nobody wants brown and wilting flowers, especially on the big day. To avoid this, select long-lasting flowers.

Here are some of the hardiest flowers for bouquets and arrangements:

Carnations, Cymbidium Orchids, Chrysanthemums, Peruvian Lilies, Craspedia Billy Balls, Anthurium, Baby’s Breath

Try to avoid these sensitive flowers:

Tulips, Gardenias, Hydrangea, Gerbera Daisies, Lily of the Valley, Peonies, certain kinds of Roses, Magnolias

Do buy flowers from a professional local florist

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Given that you are DIY-ing your flower arrangements and bouquets, go to a professional florist to assure the quality of the flowers. You can get instructions from a professional florist how to cut the stems correctly, the proper storage of the flowers, and other essential tips.


Do avoid flowers that are allergen-heavy

Image: WebMD

We don’t want anyone, including the bride to suffer from runny nose, itchy eyes, and irritated skin.

Try to avoid these kinds of flowers that trigger allergy:

Chamomile, Sunflower, Goldedrod, Dahlias, Amaranth

Don’t choose off-season blooms

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Because they are obviously expensive. Research or ask your local florist about the out-of-season flowers then choose from the flowers that are abundant in supply.

Don’t mix flowers and vegetables in the refrigerator

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Be sure not to store your wedding flowers in the same refrigerator where your vegetables and fruits are currently stored. Fresh produce emits natural chemical after they are picked which wilts fresh cut flowers.

If you are planning to empty your kitchen refrigerator for your wedding flowers, do not clean it with bleach and other strong chemicals as they can damage flowers.

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