Easy DIY Pendant Lights That You Will Be Excited To Craft!

Pendant lights definitely light up a room and add to a good ambiance at home and even at parties too!

Imagine how surprised and amazed your guests will be if they knew that you personally crafted your pendant light.

Elegant Creators prepared easy step-by-step instructions how to DIY creative and unique pendant lights.

Check out these fun ideas and let us know which one you’ll try.

Doily/Lace Lamp

Image: Kathy&Steve


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How to:

  1. Blow up the balloon and tie off
  2. Unfold old newspapers on the floor or table where you are going to do your project
  3. Lay old lace, crochet tablecloths , or doilies on the newspaper
  4. Apply wallpaper glue onto the lace or doilies using a paint brush
  5. Soak all the doilies you need with wallpaper glue
  6. Tie a string to the knot of the balloon and hang
  7. Start attaching the soaked doilies onto the balloon
  8. The doilies need to overlap each other so they will all be connected
  9. Once the balloon is completely covered, apply a thin layer of wallpaper glue to secure the doilies
  10. Let dry and leave for a day
  11. Pop the balloon with a needle or pin the next morning
  12. Carefully pull the balloon out
  13. Place the bulb inside by cutting a little opening on top
  14. Once bulb is placed, sew the opening using a needle and a white thread

Plastic Spoon Lamp

Image: Handimania

What you need:

How to:

  1. Cut the bottom part of the plastic water bottle using a cutting knife
  2. Cut all the handles of your plastic spoons
  3. Hot glue the handleless spoons onto the plastic bottles starting from the bottom
  4. Continue sticking the spoons until the whole plastic bottle is covered with spoons
  5. Hot glue the spoons together in a circular patter, overlapping each other to form a collar
  6. Once the collar is formed, hot glue on the bottleneck
  7. Insert the cable through the mouth of the bottle
  8. Install the bulb
  9. Hang the lamp

Boho Fringe Lamp

Image: From Scratch With Maria

What you need:

How to:

  1. Measure your embroidery rings and match the measurement with the fringe trims
  2. Once measured, cut the fringe trims
  3. Hot glue the fringe trims to the three embroidery rings
  4. Accent the large hoop by sticking the gold craft band using hot glue
  5. Place your embroidery rings inside one another, starting with the large one, placing the medium ring inside then the small one
  6. Tie the your hoops together using a white string in equal distances in four places
  7. Attach the bulb and cord by tying it with string
  8. Use a rope to hang your fringe lamp

Let us know which one you like the best in the comment section below

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