How To Make Easy Party Backdrops

Elegant Creators sure understands that dessert buffet table is never complete without a backdrop.

It is the kids’ favorite area of the party and an ‘Instagramable’ spot too.

Backdrops do not have to cost you an arm and a leg, though. Today, we are so glad to share with you different options and ideas when creating a backdrop for your next party.

Paper Chain Backdrop

Image: Pinterest

What you need:

How To:

  1. Choose at least three colors for your paper.
  2. Cut the papers into strips, an inch-wide.
  3. Work by batch according to colors.
  4. Cut the strips into three equal parts or depending on how big you want your rings to be.
  5. Make a chain by looping the rings to the other.
  6. Use a glue or staples to seal the loops.
  7. Once done with the paper chains, attach it on the wall or a stand.

Plastic Tablecloth Backdrop

Image: Smart Party Planning

What you need:

How to:

  1. Pick three colors of plastic tablecloths according to the party theme.
  2. Unfold each cloth and lay them flat on top of each other.
  3. Keep them in place using staples.
  4. Slice (or cut) the tablecloth from the bottom to top leaving at least 10 inches for hanging.
  5. Install your backdrop to the desired area of the party before braiding the stands.
  6. Braid as far down as you like.

Paper Rosettes Backdrop

Image: How Does She

What you need:

How To:

  1. Lay few sheets of papers on top of each other.
  2. Fold in half and cut.
  3. Fold again in half for smaller rosettes.
  4. Start folding each paper accordion-style or the fold you do when making a paper fan. The width depends on you.
  5. Fold another sheet of paper (now you have two pieces of accordions).
  6. Glue the end fold of the other sheet to the other end of the sheet (you should have a long continuous folded sheet).
  7. Tie a thread in the middle of the accordion fold.
  8. Pull both ends together towards the center.
  9. If you are satisfied with how your rosette looks like, secure it with glue and cut the thread.
  10. Loop a long thread in the center of the fold then make a knot.
  11. For hanging, stick small hooks on the wall and hang your rosettes.

Fringe Backdrop

Image: Little Boo-Teek

What you need:

How To:

  1. Prep your twine or string. Attach to the wall using glue, tape, hooks, or push pins.
  2. Fold tissue papers and lay them flat on top of each other.
  3. Fold in half, lengthwise.
  4. Cut your fringe from the bottom toward the fold leaving at least two inches from the fold.
  5. Hang your fringed tissue paper on the twine/string, with the fold resting on the twine/string.
  6. Repeat the steps until you reach your desired length.
  7. Each layer of the fringe must be attached closely to overlap.

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