Unique First Birthday Party Ideas That You Can Do At Home

Oh, what a milestone you and your little have unlocked for the past 12 months!

It takes so much love, effort, sacrifice, prayers, sleepless nights, dirty diapers, stained onesies and a messy home just to be where you at right now with the love of your life.

It’s time to celebrate your bundle of joy’s first birthday with family and friends. And so, Elegant Creators helps you rejoice with unique first birthday party ideas that you can do at home!

 Wiggly Worm Party

Image: Clever Kids Party

With bright green and orange colors, with the turns and curves of a cute caterpillar, this wiggly worm party will be a sure hit!

Outer Space Party

Image: Pintereys

Another cool party theme when you have this for your future astronomer!

Candy Wonderland

Image: vylet.info

Try this sweet treat for your baby that he or she will be excited about while looking at the birthday photos.

Woodland Party

Image: firstthymemom.com

This party theme is just so perfect for autumn season!

Carnival “The Greatest Showman” Party

Image: Pretty My Party

And of course, the carnival party a.k.a The Greatest Showman party is something you cannot ignore.

Monsterrific Party

Image: Jumpmaster OBX

Bursting with colors and fun faces, how can you not want this awesome and cute party theme.

Let us know which party theme you’d like to try this year!

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