Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

After all these years, yes you still do! And this year should not pass without celebrating your wedding.

Another good news, throwing a party as you commemorate your wedding day does not have to be expensive. Elegant Creators is here to help you prepare for your special day to make it memorable and more meaningful. Today, we give you wedding anniversary celebration ideas!

Go back to where you had your first date

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It always feels amazing to look back how it all started. If logistics permit, go back to where you first had your official (or unofficial) date. And try to do exactly the things you did that day or night. Order the same food or do the same activity like movies, skating, etc.

Go for a trek

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Preferably a new destination for both of you. Trek new sceneries together, experience the view, and go on an adventure as you discover and re-discover one another.

Invite friends and family for dinner


You can’t deny it but the important people in your life play important roles in your marriage. Family and friends continue to support and encourage you during the times you need it the most. Inviting them for dinner will be a great way to celebrate the occasion.

Volunteer for charity work

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Mark your wedding anniversary by giving back to the community. You will also be surprised how you can fall even harder for your better half as you see him or her shows compassion to other people.

Enroll in a short hobby class or workshop together


There’s nothing more exciting than picking up a hobby together. Learn new things and discover it together. Enroll yourselves in a painting class, yoga, photography, baking, pottery, etc.

Visit your wedding venue


Your day will be extra romantic in an instant when you go back to the very place where you exchanged I do’s. Relive the best day of your life as you stroll down your wedding venue.

Renew your vows

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When can married couples renew their vows? On their 10th anniversary? 20th? 25th? 50th, perhaps? There is no right or wrong answer, actually. It’s up to the couple. One thing is for sure though, every added year to the couple’s married life is a milestone! So, renew your vows whenever you want to.

Recreate your wedding night menu

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The busiest people during the wedding are the couple. The night is filled with picture takings, speeches, wine toasting, dancing, and a lot more. Hence, it is actually possible that the couple did not have enough time to sit down and enjoy their food. Our wedding anniversary is the best time to recreate the reception menu and get the chance to slowly taste and enjoy what you missed on your wedding day.

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