Redecorate Paper Lanterns To Match With Your Party Theme

Paper lantern is one of the most popular party decors because they are very affordable, easy to find, and a great addition to your party decorative pieces.

Elegant Creators will show you today how you can redecorate paper lanterns to match with your party theme!

Jellyfish Lantern

Image: Two Purple Coaches

This is a perfect décor for Little Mermaid or other ‘under the sea’ party.

What you need:

Instructions: Simply attach the streamers using a paper glue at the bottom of the paper lantern. If you are using tissue papers, cut a 2″ wide tissue paper strips then stick to the bottom of the paper lantern.

Fish Lantern

Image: Aracelly Ochoa

Another paper lantern craft if you are having a children’s party .

What you need:

Instructions: Position the paper lantern with ends facing left and right (one end will be the fish mouth and the other end will be the tail), make fish eyes using black and white construction paper and glue it in both sides. Hot glue the tulle at the other end and cut thinner and shorter tulle pieces for fins.

Vase Paper Lantern


Paper lantern is a good addition to your outdoor happenings like baby showers and even for outdoor weddings.

Achieve your dream backyard wedding with paper lanterns as it brighten up your big day.

What you need:

Instructions: Trim fresh flowers and foliage that will fit into the paper lantern. Leave at least 3 inches of stems and secure the bundle with tape. Stick the ends of the stems into the floral foam brick (you may also secure the foam brick to the flower stems with tape. Insert the bunch into the paper lantern. Hang the vase using a fishing line.

Event Tent Ceiling Decor

Image: Etsy

Bare ceiling? That’s not a problem when you use paper lanterns as ceiling decors.

What you need:

Instructions: Your party can easily achieve the decorated ceiling by simply tying a fishing line into paper lanterns of various sizes and hang them to the venue’s ceiling.

Paper Lantern Centerpiece

Image: Luna Bazaar

Such a unique way to use a paper lantern as a table centerpiece.

What you need:

Instructions: Measure and cut the styrofoam cube to fit in the pot. Stick the rod onto the styrofoam cube and seal the gap with hot glue to avoid wobbling. Using the hot glue, attach the cork plate at the bottom of the paper lantern. Then attach the rod to the other side of the cork plate. Place marbles or pebbles in the pot for added weight and support. Put decorative pieces like artificial moss, etc.

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