DIY Dollar Tree Crystal Garland Chandelier Wedding Centerpiece

Add a touch of elegance for a wedding event, with a Crystal Garland Chandelier Wedding Centerpiece. Increase the visual interest by decorating the bling-bling centerpiece to fit the special occasion all by yourself.

This wedding Centerpiece is so beautiful and will make your wedding more elegant and memorable.

Watch the full video tutorial.

I hope you enjoy making this Beautiful DIY Dollar Tree.

Here are the Things you will need:


  • Start with adding the Candle Holder to the Center of the Cutting Board

Then add the second candleholder upside-down on top

  • Use a level to make sure the base is straight.

  • Glue the 24 Crystal Garland towards the tip of the cutting board, leave some spaces in between. Let the crystal dry for an hour.

  • Assemble all the crystal garland underneath the candlestick using invisible

Nylon Thread and loop it through all the little holes of the bead.

  • Take the two of the invisble fishing line and pull it.

Tie it around the candlestick very tightly

  • Make sure at the end of the Garland you have your ring hanging at the bottom

Use the rest of your crytal garlands to hang it from the ring.

  • For this arrangment you’ll need 90 flowers of your choice

  • Put it together with Crystal Garland Chandelier

And Well Done!


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– 6 Taper Candle Holder

– 2 Cutting Board

– 2 Glass plate candleholder

– Floral Foam

Create your own beautiful, affordable and simple tall DIY wedding centerpiece.

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7 thoughts on “DIY Dollar Tree Crystal Garland Chandelier Wedding Centerpiece”

  1. Hi I love the Chandler wedding center piece, I didn’t know anyone had these ideas already.
    Question:1 why didn’t you hot glue or use any glue that’s compatible to glue the oasis to the cutting board?
    Question:2 and the oasis to make them hold together you could have used floral sticks on each end from the top to hold them together.?

  2. I think you did an excellent job on this piece. And using the clear thread was brilliant. That was a genius ideal. That is what creation is all about. Keep making beautifully pieces.

  3. Hi Sheryl, my name is Stephanie and I your help. My mother church is hosting a rainbow tea party at the end of June. My mom color is royal blue. I don’t know what other colors to use. My mother wants royal blue, gold, and white. I’m having surgery and I won’t be able to help decorate, let alone make things. Can you please make me two of those lighted crystal Chandelier’s centerpieces and her floral arrangements. I will gladly pay you. Please help me.

  4. You can just add 8 crystals more to your original strands, loop your fishing line through the 9th crystal from the bottom to obtain the same results. This keeps you from adding 24 – 8 inch links at the end. Wonderful idea!

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