DIY Dollar Tree Luxurious Wedding Centerpiece | 24″ INCHES TALL!

Every bride wants her wedding to look like it came off the pages of the latest bridal magazine… but most brides don’t have that kind of budget. That’s where partnering great products from Dollar Tree with a little creativity can really pay off! Dollar Tree carries glass centerpiece vases and candleholders, dinnerware, wine glasses, wedding favors, reception catering supplies, and more for just $5 each. Check out our beautiful and creative wedding idea for how to put it all together — we believe your wedding CAN be gorgeous without being expensive!

How gorgeous is that?! Give it a try Now!

Want to view the full video tutorial? Watch the video.

Procedure to make it

Prepare These Following:

Glass Bowl

2 Flared Pilsner Glass

Fish Bowl

Glass Cutting Board

Peony , Roses, Orchids, Hydrangeas

Votive Candle Holder

Clear Glass Crystal Ball

Half Floral Foam Ball and Foam Ring

Glue Gun, Floral Cutter and E6000 Glue

First Step:

Glue the top of Flared Pilsner Glass

Put it together with the Bowl

Let the glue dry for 30 minutes between each Vases

Glue this side of the Vase

Put the fish Bowl

Glue the Votive Candle Holder to the mouth of the fish bowl

Glue the Flared Pilsner Glass into it

Hot glue the Glass Cutting board and put the Floral Foam

Insert the Flowers around the foam

Insert it with great arrangement

Add floral foam at the base of the vase

And Lastly Glue it at the top of the glass (make sure that it was strong glued with each Glass)

You see it was very beautiful yet very easy to make!


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2 Flared Glass Pilsner Glasses

1 Small Round Fish Bowl

1 Glass Bowl

Glass Cutting Board (Dollar Tree )

Votive Candle holder – Dollar Tree or Amazon

8inch Half floral foam ball (amazon )

Drinking Glasses

Table number frame gold

Gold Plate Charger 13in

DIY Candle holder vases

Glass Dinner Plates, 10″

Glass Side Plates, 7 in.

NON Dollar Tree Items:

Peony Silk Flowers (Amazon)

Roses (Micheals & Amazon)

4 Orchids ( Micheal’s)

4 big branches Hydrangeas (Amazon)

Clear Glass Crystal Ball (Amazon)


Gem Strands-

Flower Pins-

To continue. Click here for the video tutorial.

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