Easy DIY Gift Wraps

Gift Wraps are one of the most important parts of a gift. Having wonderful ideas can make your gift wrap stand out. 

DIY gift wraps are so popular these days, and you can go along with this trend by following the steps Elegant Creators provided below from different talented creators.

Typographic Gift Wrap

By  CHRIS IN HOME & DESIGN (manmadediy.com)

What you need:

How to:

  • First you’re gonna need to wrap your gift as normal with the Brown Solid Wrapping Paper.
  • Use the craft knife to cut a page from an old book. 
  • You can also use newspapers for this craft.
  • Use the Alphabet Template, and trace the letters onto the pages of the book or newspaper. 
  • You can move to a place where sunlight hits or you can use a flashlight so that you can easily see the letter you’re tracing.
  • Glue the letters on the Gift wrap and form some words or names.

Money Balloons

By Eden (sugarandcharm.com)

What you need:

How to:

  • Loosely roll the bills inside the clear balloon. Of course it’s up for you to decide how much money you want to put inside.
  • Put the confetti inside the balloon using a funnel.
  • Fill the clear balloon with a helium, make sure to fill the balloon to the max that it can make it float, not too much that it may pop.
  • Put the string at the bottom of the balloon and tie it.

Chalkboard Gift Wrap

By The Honest Company

What you need:

How to:

  • Draw your pattern first  before wrapping the Black craft paper to your gift. If you want to design the Black craft paper with an all over pattern.
  • You can wrap the gift first, if you want a specific doodle on your wrap.
  • Add the ribbon to your now wrapped gift and other sequins that can make your gift noticeable.

Tea Towel Gift Wrap

By Abby Rudakov (thingsforboys.com)

What you need:

How To:

  • Lay your Tea Towel flat on the table and put the book in the middle, on the diagonal.
  • It should roughly be in line with the opposite corners of the tea towel.
  • Fold in the sides so that they are parallel with the sides of the book. 
  • Fold them over the book to make sure they just overlap each other. 
  • When you’ve got them right, fold them both into the middle.
  • Fold one of the ends into a point as you would with paper gift wrap. 
  • Fold the flap in and repeat on the other end.
  • Knot the tails together, and tuck the wooden spoon under the knot.

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