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One of the best ways to express your personal style is through your wedding table décor, and the possibilities for centerpieces are endless — from towering floral and crystal vases to lower vessels filled with flowers and surrounded by votives.

Whether you have a big or small budget, are looking for handmade, this extensive way of making stunning centerpieces will hopefully give you the inspiration you need to make an impact at your next event dinner.

We hope that you enjoy making this for wedding. Watch the video tutorial.

All you have to do is to prepare this following:

8 Glass Taper Candle Holder

2 Nickel Plated Metal Serving Trays

4 pieces Dry Floral Foam

Mixed Spring Flowers

As you’re gluing the candle holders together you have to make sure that you are letting it dry in between because that part is very very crucial to building your base for the centerpiece.

The messy part of this DIY project as you see I’m tracing the separate candle holder on the floor phone it does get really messy there is however multiple ways you can go about making sure doing that hole and through the flower form but I guess I decided to choose the Messier route so but it’s super easy to do as well

Add some foam to your base to be strong. make sure that this part dries completely before proceeding to the next step again and that the trays are glued both on top and the bottom and it’s strongly glued together let it fully dry before you proceed on to the next step to have a strong standing crystal tower instead of a falling crystal tower so let’s try to avoid that as much as possible by letting it dry.

Glue the top of the glass

Put the tray on the top of these glasses

Let it fully dry before you proceed on the next step.

Glue the foam at the top of the tray.

Insert the Gem garland at the sides of the foam

Add the flowers


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Round Glass Floral Bowls

E6000 GLUE

8 Inch Foam Ball

Peony Silk Flowers

Artificial Flowers, 50pcs Real Touch Artificial

Gem Strands

Flower Pins 

8 Glass Taper Candleholders, 4

Floral Garden Floral Wire and Tape Rolls

4 Foam Blocks

2 Metal Serving Trays

Drinking Glasses

Table number frame gold

Gold Plate Charger 13in

DIY Candle holder vases

Glass Dinner Plates, 10

Glass Side Plates, 7 in

Springs Flowers Artificial Silk Peons purchased from (Amazon OR MICHEAL’S )

4 Orchid Artificial Branches Real Touch Latex Flowers (Amazon or Micheal’s)

To continue. Click here for the video tutorial.

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