How I Made $4,685.17 With My Decor Business Online This Month

Now this is my first month reporting my business profit online.

The only reason i’m writing these report is to motivate you and keep you inform to what’s possible as i intend to grow this business from scratch to a 6 figures then 7 figures online.

So i want to be transparent of the journey.
On these blog report not only i will share with you how much i earn with each part of my business but i will make it a goal to show you the way to duplicate my results if you decide to do the same. Everything i will be showing you, i will make step by step videos and put them in the Elegant Creators Academy that way you can follow them if you chose to grow your business along side me.


This all really started as a hobby for me, nothing i intended to make money from until one day my amazing husband Keder Cormier who’s built multiple 6 and 7 Figures business online told me that i should monetize this and turn it into a passion business, by helping people with my gift. At first i was reluctant and scared but i went for it anyway…

So, How did i get into Decor?
Well, from your biggest failure you can create your biggest SUCCESS..

After my twins daughters were born i was going to have their first birthday, because i wanted to save money. I decided to create the decor for their birthday party, knowing nothing about decor lol. We rented a place, they gave it to us with no decor, I said to myself instead of hiring a person to do the decor for this place, let me do it myself as birthday gift to my daughters. I went on Youtube, learn as much as i could about decor, i went on amazon and ordered different items that i would need to make this possible.

The birthday decoration was a SUCCESS. Many people who attended was asking me who did the decor for my daughters birthday, I was scared to tell them it was me because i didn’t know how they was going to respond, whether they were going to say it was nice or it was ugly… lol

Shockingly everyone was saying how it was so amazing.


Fast Forward 2 years, i never did anything in decor again until it was time for my third daughter first birthday. This time i rented a place and decided to go all out on the decor by do it myself. Many people was amazed with the result and started asking me if it was possible to do their kids birthday party.


We hosted the party at a club house and one of the person who was passing by saw the decor, and pull me aside saying “OMG i can’t believe you did all this on your own” Here’s the deal, my daughter is getting married in 5 months i want you to do her wedding.

Imagine… I was so ecstatic,

This was my first actual real deal, my very first client… I felt on cloud 9, couldn’t believe i actually going to get paid for doing something i just enjoy from passion. So i met with the bride to be, we planed the  whole wedding, started to work day and night putting decor, buying everything we needed for the wedding decor.

2 months later, the bride call me to tell me that she wants to stop the decor, she’s gonna have her cousin do the wedding instead, OMG (where’s the sad emoji)… I was so frustrated, mad and sad at the same time.


Through my frustration moment and sadness, I decided to finish the decor centerpiece i was going to do for her wedding and create a youtube video with it, since i had no need for the stuff anymore, anyway, so i decided to still make them, but make a video teaching others how to do it. To my suprise the video went viral and got 11,000 Views (to me that’s what viral looked like at that moment) I was so shock of the feedback i was getting from people, saying how i save them so much money, how they was going to do that same centerpiece for their wedding, it warmed my heart. So out of something Negative something Positive takes place.


That’s how my youtube channel started growing… then we decided to turn this into a full time business.

Keep following my blog, i’ll share the rest of my story with you another time, but let’s get into my Income Report for the month of Febuary 2019, which is my first month reporting business.


My Income Report For February 

Youtube Adsense                            : $1,115.00

Amazon Affiliate                             : $663.63

Elegant Creators Academy               : $1,122.00

Ebates                                            : $53 

Sponsor                                           : $8

Offline Gig                                      : $1500

Personal Online Store                       : $350


Total                                             : $4,811.63

Sherly youtube feb

Youtube / Adsense 

Adsense is a program that allows you to monetize your channel by playing advertisement on your youtube videos or on your blog. You become a partner with Google, where they charge people who wants to advertise their business using their platform but because youtube are using your creation to reach your audience they allow you to get a share of the money, which is totally amazing. If you want to learn more about how to open up a youtube channel and earn money from adsense click here…

amazon associate income report

Amazon Associate

You have bought stuff from amazon right? Well amazon associates is a program that allows you to become a partner to amazon the #1 online selling ecommerce brand, multibillion dollar industry. By becoming an associate you are able to earn anywhere from 3%-15% commission on every items that you refer other to buy using a specific link amazon give you that tracks your order. So imagine if you are a creator and you sharing with others your craft, you can also leverage the power of being an amazon affiliate. If you want to learn more how to become an amazon associate click here

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Elegant Creators Academy

The academy has been the craziest project for myself. Because i said to myself if i discovered a way to build a strong business online i would always give back to the community by sharing with them what’s working, something i wish i had when i first got started. That’s the reason why i build the academy, a place where you can come and learn how to build your business online, get more clients, make more revenues, lear how to build a brand, learn how to market, learn all the necessary tools you need to grow your business utilizing the internet. Get A FREE Account HERE 

In Conclusion

I want to let you know that i’m noone special, just driven to make a change for my family, also want to impact others as much as possible. I believe if i can do it, so can you. If you develop the passion for it and put in all the work necessary SUCCESS is inevitable. If this is is really what you want to do, don’t wait any longer start doing it.

If you enjoy this blog, please leave a comment in the comment section below…. Also I want to know, would you be insterested in me making one post a month about my income report as we grow to keep you informed? let me know in the comment…

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