6 Easy Steps For DIY Bridal Bouquet

During a wedding, nobody should be the center of attraction other than the bride.

Her gown, her vail, and her bouquet are the three things everyone anticipates the most. No wonder why bridal bouquets are not cheap. When hiring a florist to create the bride’s bouquet, the labor cost is factored in on top of the flowers itself.

Elegant Creators will share how you can create a bridal bouquet whether for your own wedding, for your girl friend’s or for a relative.

Follow the steps bellow for DIY bridal bouquet:

What you need:

Step #1 – Buy Flowers

Image: Fine Art America

You can find beautiful flowers yet not as expensive versus the flowers from a wedding vendor when you buy them from a flower market, grocery store, or an online wholesaler.

Step  #2 – Designate A Work Station

Image: The Kitchn

Set up a place where you can arrange flowers at home. The kitchen is the usual spot for DIY-ing a bridal bouquet. Outdoor can be a good place as long as you have enough space for your supplies and for you to move around. Keep the flowers in a bucket with water.

Step #3 – Prepare Your Flowers

Image: Pinterest

You may use a flower shear or a stem stripper to cut stems and leaves of the flowers. Trim flowers making sure they all have the same lengths. If you have roses, remove the thorns.

Step #4 – Begin Combining Flowers

Image: Save On Crafts

Start putting your flowers together. Create the core of your bouquet by choosing two to four flowers. To keep them together, wrap the stem with floral tape.

Important: leave 1.75 inches of stem exposed right below the flower bud and five inches of stem at the bottom.

Step #5 – Add More Flowers To Form A Bouquet

Image: Weddingbee

Add more flowers surrounding the core that you created on Step 4. Choose flowers that will complement the other flowers. Wrap them with floral tape as you add more flowers to establish support.

Step #6 – Use Ribbon To Wrap Your Bouquet

Image: Pinterest

Cover floral tape with ribbon or lace and secure with bouquet pins.

And you’re done. Your bridal bouquet is ready!

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