How To Make Giant Baby Blocks

Ironically, sometimes cute stuff come in big sizes. Just like giant baby block decorations!

They are perfect for baby showers and even for first birthdays too.

You may choose from spelling out the word B-A-B-Y if the gender has not yet revealed or customize it by spelling the name of the baby.

Today, Elegant Creators shares the step-by-step instructions how to make giant baby blocks.

Image: Baby Showers Ideas
Image: North States Baby

What you need:

How to:

1. Prepare your cardboard boxes.

The size of the boxes depend on you. You may use diaper boxes or the ones from the post office as long as the boxes have the same measurement on all sides to achieve the perfect cube. Use a packing tape to shut all the openings of the boxes.

Image: ODL Packaging

2. Wrap the boxes

Choose wrapping or decorative papers according to the event’s theme. Wrap the boxes with wrapping papers and scotch tape.

Image: Bright Ideas Crafts

3. Create your letters

If you have a letter stencils, trace each letter into a card stock then cut out. Use a colored card stock if desired. You may opt for paper mache letters that can be bought from dollar or craft stores. Spray paint is another option if you wish to use a different color for your letters.

Image: Etsy
Image: Etsy

4. Glue the letters into the wrapped boxes

Adhere the letters into the boxes using double-sided tape or glue if you are using paper mache letters.

Image: Aaliyah Cashdollar
Image: Erin Green

You may proceed in decorating the boxes with other supplies like glitters, tiara, toys, plastic gems, etc.

Once all the letters and boxes are complete, you may arrange the boxes to form the word or name of the baby.

Then you’re done!

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