New Year’s Eve Party Ideas For Kids

Just like what we said last time, New Year celebration is for everyone — and that includes the children, of course!

It is the time of the year when we come together to open a new day, to usher in the new year, and to welcome the new life hand in hand. Hence, Elegant Creators thought of New Year’s Eve party ideas especially for kids that they too may enjoy the occasion.

New Year’s Eve Balloon Clock

Make the countdown more exciting for the children with the balloon clock.

Image: Twinkle Twinkle Little Party
Image: The Suburban Mom

Kid-Friendly Party Food

Serve food that will be a sure hit for the children while waiting for the countdown.


Children’s Mocktails

Let us (kids included) altogether raise our glass and cheers to the new year!

Image: Simple Seasonal

Customize-your-own New Year’s Party Hat

A great way to keep your little ones entertained before the countdown is to give them party hats that they can customize according to their liking and creativity.

Image: Little Peanut Mag

New Year’s Eve DIY Shakers

5 simple materials that you probably have at home: paper cups, washi tape, uncooked pop corn, scissors, and chopsticks and you can let the children craft their own New Year’s Eve shakers or noisemakers!

Image: Busy Moms Helper

Countdown Goodie Bags

Another way to keep them in their toes is to use goodie bags loaded with treats and activities. Distribute countdown by the hour and they will surely look forward to every hour.

Image: The Dating Divas

Decorate The Place

Set the mood and make it as exciting and inviting as possible. Use glitter and gold. The children will definitely jump for joy as they see your set up.

Image: Hum Ideas

These party ideas for children are very easy to make and does not require too many materials. Your children will ultimately remember how you try to make New Year’s Eve memorable!
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