3 Last Minute and Budget-Friendly Christmas Decors

If you are like most of the mommies out there who have very limited to no time to prepare for Christmas then Elegant Creators can help you!

Check out below for amazing last minute and budget-friendly Christmas decors.

These are three easy decors that will make your home look ready for Christmas!

Tip: Inspect your house and garage first because most of the materials you need might just be lying around!

Christmas Frame and Balls

Image: Andrew Wilder – Eating Rules

What you need:

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How to:

  1. Prepare your red or green picture frame (spray paint if the preferred frame color is not readily available)
  2. Remove the glass from the frame
  3. Attach white ribbon to Christmas balls for hanging (make one ribbon longer than the other ribbons)
  4. Hot glue balls hanging in ribbons at the back upper portion of the frame (see the picture above)
  5. Knot the decorative Christmas ribbon into a bow
  6. Hot glue the bow in the front and center of the frame
  7. Attach a hook at the back of the frame for hanging (you may also use a wide ribbon)

Twigs in a Vase

Image: Brooklyn Limestone

What you need:

How to:

  1. Choose a nice set of twigs
  2. Spray paint with the color you prefer (white or metallic silver/gold is perfect for the holiday)
  3. Hang your Christmas balls
  4. You may place marbles or plastic crystals in the glass vase for additional decors

Christmas Scrapbook Paper Garland

Image: The Thirsty Feast

What you need:

How to:

  1. Cut scrapbook papers into triangles (1 Christmas tree needs 3 paper triangles)
  2. Cut as much paper triangles as you need depending on how long your garland is
  3. Once all the triangles are cut, glue them together overlapping one another (see photo above)
  4. Tape the tip of the tree into the twine
  5. Then clip the wooden peg
  6. Hang the garland to the desired place of the house

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