DIY Paper Fireworks Decorations

For a home with little children or friends with little ones coming over to welcome the New Year together, decorations to make it look more festive and inviting are essential for a memorable and fun party as you celebrate the occasion.

DIY paper fireworks are safe yet equally exciting decors for a home with beautiful kids!

Elegant Creators brings you ideas how you can craft one or two, or probably three paper fireworks decorations that will make your house pop and spark with colors!

Fireworks and Stars Tassel Garland

Image: Fun 365

What you need:

How to:

  1. Unfold the tissue paper and cut in half
  2. Fold both halves in half again, lengthwise
  3. Cut fringes on both ends (left and right) all the way up to the center leaving 1.5 inches (the thickness of the fringe depends on you)
  4. Roll the fringed tissue paper to make a tassel
  5. Bend the tassel in the middle
  6. Twist the top part to make a loop for hanging
  7. Secure the loop with tape
  8. Repeat steps 1 to 7 to make the number of tassels you need
  9. Print out a star for your stencil
  10. Trace star stencil onto your yellow or metallic cardstock
  11. Cut out stars
  12. Punch a hole at the tip of the stars for hanging
  13. Insert thread into the stars long enough to be hung to the string
  14. Insert string into the tassel then followed by tying the stars (alternate tassels and stars)
  15. Repeat the process until you complete the garland

Paper Rockets


What you need:

How to:

  1. Wrap tissue paper and kitchen towel rolls in wrapping paper of your choice
  2. Glue ends and let dry
  3. Make a cone from the craft paper, one cone per rocket
  4. Tape the cone onto the tissue rolls
  5. Insert the kabob sticks inside the tissue rolls and tape to secure
  6. Cut a small rectangular from craft paper (as seen in the photo above)
  7. Glue the rectangular paper at the bottom part of the tissue roll near where the kebob stick is placed
  8. Fill the small bucket or tin can with sand, stones, or pebbles
  9. Stick the paper rockets in the bucket or can

Paper Fireworks in a Vase

Image: Design Improvised

What you need:

How to:

  1. Fold the tissue paper in half, crosswise
  2. Cut fringes all the way up leaving at least one inch
  3. Lay flat the fringed tissue paper and place the kebob stick on one side
  4. Roll the fringed tissue paper together with the kebob stick
  5. Tape the edge to secure the tissue paper
  6. Repeat the steps to make the desired number of paper fireworks
  7. You may place pebbles in the short vase for added weight (optional)
  8. Stick the paper fireworks in the vase

Try these easy decors at your home this coming New Year’s Eve! Then let us know how it went for you (and your kids)!

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