8 ideas for advertising and promoting your event planning business

As you build your wedding planning business, it’s important to market it in various ways to develop your customer base. Following are eight thoughts for marketing your wedding planning business.

Networking. For most wedding organizers, networking is one of the most important ways to build your customer list. Networking can help your business in two different ways. You can also grow your business through referrals. Moreover, networking with caterers and hotels will allow you to meet possible customers.

Advertising. This involves free advertisements and expensive ads. The free one – listing your business in Yellow Pages is a good way to promote your business where you can list your business for free when you connect your phone (if you have a landline). There is also Display Advertisement with bigger ads yet there’s a charge for these.

You can also promote your business in a local newspaper or magazine. These magazines are niche-based and will be focused on your service (catering, wedding decor). An ad in a magazine is a good way to reach high-end customers and prospective corporate clients.

Business card. A professionally printed business card is an important tool in business deals. You can also have it as a tri-fold business card to have more information stored in it. Incorporate the name of your business, contact data (email, telephone and site address, for example), your name, specialization, your logo, and a few tributes from past customers.

Useful handouts. Like your business card, a well-structured, proficient leaflet can help in your marketing efforts. Potential customers will make decisions about your business based on your handout, so ensure it’s high quality and contains all the info needed for you to highlight the features of your business.

Customer service. Ensure a returning number of customers by keeping your customers satisfied and provide exceptional service.

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