Amazing Balloon Décor Ideas For Your Next Party

What is a party without balloons?

Decorating with balloons make the celebration livelier which the kids and kids at heart surely appreciate.

Elegant Creators gives you fresh ideas as to how you can decorate with balloons.

Find out below:

Ice Cream Balloons

Image: HGTV

 What you need:

How To:

  1. Create the cone by tracing a circle in a brown paper using a plate or any circular object
  2. Cut out the circle tracing
  3. Add waffle cone pattern by drawing crisscross parallel lines (optional) before wrapping the paper to form a cone
  4. Secure the paper cone using a double sided tape
  5. Leave the tip of the cone with a slight opening, enough to insert the ribbon
  6. Blow up the balloon and tie it off with a ribbon
  7. Slide the ribbon to the tip of the cone all the way down until the balloon rests on the paper cone.

Fruit Balloon Garland

Image: Pinterest

What you need:

How to:

  1. Inflate the balloons according to the size of the fruit
  2. Knot the tail of the balloons
  3. Draw different sizes and shapes of leaves on the green craft paper then cut out
  4. Insert the fishing line into the big eye needle and create a knot at the end
  5. Pierce the needle through the knot of the balloon
  6. Insert the needle into every balloon with equal spacing
  7. Stick the leaves cut out to the balloon using a double-sided tape to complete the look
  8. Place hooks to the walls
  9. Hang the fruit balloon garland by securing the strings to the hook.

Sprinkle Balloon Photo or Buffet Backdrop

Image: Pretty My Party

What you need:

How to:

  1. Inflate linear balloons depending on the length you prefer for your sprinkles
  2. Tie off the balloon
  3. Stick the balloons using a tape on the board, cloth, or wall

Fireworks Balloons

Image: A Subtle Revelry

What you need:

How to:

  1. Pump balloons leaving at least an inch deflated
  2. Twist the top parts of the balloons together
  3. Twist some of the ends to create a small balls of explosion
  4. Hang using the fishing line

Balloon Walkway

Image: Pikdo

What you need:

How to:

  1. Blow up balloons and knot the tails
  2. Cut ribbons 3 to 4 feet long or depending on the length you prefer
  3. Tie ribbons to the tail of the balloons
  4. Tie ribbons onto screw hooks
  5. Screw the hooks into the ground along the pathway

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