Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

What is that one thing that everyone surely has? A Toilet paper!

Especially in big families, empty toilet paper rolls are always just lying around.

See what Elegant Creators has prepared for you before you put those tissue rolls in the trash bin. We will show you how you can craft Christmas decors and ornaments using empty tubes of tissue.

Crafting these is a great bonding moments too for the whole family. So invite your kids and get them involved as you DIY at home!

Tissue Paper Roll Snowmen

Image: Practically Functional

What you need

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How to:

  1. For the snowmen’s scarves, tie a ribbon around the tissue roll
  2. Draw three circles vertically below the ribbon or you may also use black buttons
  3. Draw small dots for the snowmen’s mouth
  4. Using an orange marker, draw the nose
  5. Attach googly eyes with craft glue
  6. Creat the ear muffs using pipe cleaners and pom poms by cutting a piece of pipe cleaners, bend it and hot glue in both sides
  7. Once attached, hot glue pom poms in both ends of the pipe cleaner

Paper Roll Angel

Image: The Craft Train

What you need:

How to:

  1. Paint 75% of the tissue paper roll with white paint from the bottom part
  2. Paint the remaining part with peach paint
  3. Let dry
  4. Once completely dry, draw the eyes, cheeks (red dots) and mouth using markers
  5. Place the tissue roll upside down in the yellow construction paper
  6. Draw a circle by tracing .75 inch outside the tissue roll
  7. Cut the sides to make the angel’s fringe
  8. Place the paper fringe on top of the tissue roll, fold down the edges and glue the sides
  9. Cut strips of yellow construction paper to make the hair
  10. Using the dull edge of the scissors, roll the tips of the strips just as you would in a balloon ribbon
  11. For the wings, fold the paper doily in half and glue at the back of the tissue roll
  12. Cut a 2 cm wide white card stock
  13. Create the halo by cutting a strip of glitter sheet
  14. Make a ring and glue both ends of glitter sheet strip
  15. Glue the halo to the card stock strip
  16. Glue the other end of the card stock at the back of the tissue roll

Mini Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Image: Angie Zarate

What you need:

How to:

  1. Paint all empty tissue paper rolls with green craft paint
  2. Paint the empty kitchen towel roll with brown craft paint
  3. Let ry
  4. Hot glue tissue paper rolls side by side and make 6 sets (6 rolls at the bottom, 5 rolls, 4 rolls, 3 rolls, 2 rolls, and one at the top)
  5. Stack and glue all the sets together in descending order
  6. Hot glue the bottom part of the tree to the tip of the kitchen towel roll
  7. Stick double-sided tape at the bottom of each Christmas balls
  8. Place and attach Christmas balls inside the tissue rolls
  9. Place something heavy beside the foot of the tree to make it stand (ex,  gift box)

Try these and leave a photo of your craft down in the comment box!
Also let us know which one is your favorite.

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