How To Reuse Old Denim Jeans

Textile waste is one of the biggest problems around the globe.

In fact, clothing and textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world, oil being the first.

In the United States alone, 11 million tons of textile waste is being produced yearly. Imagine, if each and every one of us would recycle and reuse garments. That’s going to be a lot of difference, isn’t it?

Our effort to repurpose clothing and textile might seem futile but it would be a huge impact when all our efforts are combined.

We encourage you to avoid dumping your old denim jeans. Instead, bring them out your closet as we, Elegant Creators, give ideas how to reuse and repurpose them.

Creative Placemats

Image: Instructables

Create placemats from your old denim pants. These cool placemats fit just any picnic or weekend get together.

Denim Handbag

Image: Heart and Vine

Do not dispose your trusty jeans just yet. It can serve you more years if you transform them into a handbag. This bag is ideal if you want to go green; use it as you go shop for fruits and other produce.

Denim Organizer Bins

Image: Etsy

Organizing your stuff has never been this fashionable! Use your old pants as storage bins.

Denim Apron

Image: Pinterest

Keep your clothes clean and grease-free with simple and practical denim apron. Best to use during barbecue nights and when gardening.

Denim Coasters

Image: Pop Sugar

Got hems left after repurposing denim jeans? Again, don’t throw it. Rather, roll them into these fun-looking coasters that will protect your table from water marks at the same time.

Denim Rug

Image: Pillar Box Blue

Turn denim clippings into rug or runner. You’ll never know when you are going to need a spare clean rug.

Denim Pillow Cases

Image: Pinterest

Accentuate your couch with denim pillow cases. Create different designs. Your creativity is the limit.

Denim Wine Gift Bag

Image: My Soulful Home

Make your friends and family members feel special when you gift them with wine and a handmade/personalized gift bag.

Denim Roll Up Tool Organizer

Image: The Spruce Crafts

Getting everything you need in just one pouch makes your handy work fast and easy. Create a roll up tool organizer using an old pair of jeans.

Denim Shorts

Image: Eat, Sleep, Denim Blog

Update your wardrobe by cutting off your old denim pants to shorts. Denim shorts are perfect during summer and trips to the beach.

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