Creative First Birthday High Chair Ideas

First birthday, oh what a major milestone in your baby’s life and definitely a perfect time to party!

There have been so many firsts and so many beautiful memories for the past twelve months that truly call for a celebration.  

And rightfully so, your one year old must be the center of attention. Hence, Elegant Creators will help you achieve that by giving you inspiration how to decorate your baby’s first birthday high chair. They’re easy!

Let these ideas encourage you to turn your baby’s high chair into their throne as they taste their first cake!

It is a picture-perfect spot for your celebrant too!

Fringe Skirt and ONE

Image: Pinterest

What you need:

How to:

  1. Unfold your plastic table cover and measure the high chair tray by laying the sheet on the side of the table, reaching from end to end
  2. Mark the table cover
  3. Decide how long your fringe skirt is
  4. Measure and cut
  5. Once you got all the measurements, start cutting your fringe from bottom to top, with 1 cm gaps
  6.  Leave the top part at least two inches uncut
  7. Secure the fringe skirt onto the high chair tray with a clear tape
  8. Print capital letters O, N, and E onto the card stock and cut out
  9. Using a double-sided tape, stick the letters into the fringe skirt

No-Sew Highchair Tutu

Image: Etsy

What you need:

How to:

  1. Measure the ribbon you need, it should be long enough to wrap around the highchair tray, then cut
  2. Seal the ends of the ribbon by placing it near a fire (lighter) for few seconds, this will prevent the ribbon from fraying
  3. Decide whether you like a two-tone or just one color of tulle
  4. Measure how long you need to cut your tulle
  5. Double the measurement of the tulle when cutting (example, if your tutu is 12-inches long, cut a 24-inches long tulle)
  6. Cut tulle strips as much as you need to complete the tutu skirt
  7. Once the tulle strips are cut, start folding them in half
  8. Start looping the tulle strips around the ribbon (place the folded tulle strip over the ribbon, insert the ends of the tulle strip then pull down to make a loop)
  9. Loop the rest of the tulle strips around the ribbon until the tutu skirt is completed
  10. Attach the tutu skirt to the highchair tray by using a self-adhesive velcro strips (stick one end of velcro onto the tutu skirt and the other end to the highchair tray

Ribbon Strips Garland

Image: Jaclyn Efird

What you need:

How to:

  1. Measure the ribbon you need, it should be long enough to wrap around the highchair tray, then cut
  2. Cut ribbon strips with irregular lengths (example, few strips are 12 inches long and the other few are 8 inches long)
  3. Hot glue the ribbons in alternating pattern (colors and lengths) to the thicker ribbon
  4. Continue attaching the ribbon strips until the entire length is completed
  5. Secure the ribbon strips garland onto the highchair tray by sticking self-adhesive velcro strips to both garland and tray

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