DIY Unicorn Birthday Party Decors

And for the girls’ top birthday party theme for 2020 goes to none other than…the Unicorn-themed birthday bash!

Just like the unicorn, Elegant Creators would always want you to be a unicorn in a world full of horses (if you know what we mean). Shine, spark, be magical just like the unicorn!

So, here are the different ways you can DIY your little girl’s party with her favorite theme.

Unicorn Headband

Image: Guide Patterns

What you need:


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How to:

  1. Trace unicorn ear shapes (triangle with rounded sides) on a white cardstock
  2. Trace smaller unicorn ear shapes on a gold cardstock
  3. Make even numbers of unicorn ears (you need white and gold ear-shaped cardstock per ear)
  4. Glue the gold ear-shaped cardstock onto the white cardstock (make as much as you need)
  5. Using a color cardstock, create a cone for the unicorn’s horn (glue to seal the ends)
  6. Twirl a golden sticker strip, ribbon, or a pipe cleaner around the horn from bottom to top
  7. Hot glue artificial flowers at the center portion of the headband
  8. Proceed attaching the ears using hot glue
  9. Hot glue the unicorn’s horn
  10. Let dry and check if all pieces are attached before wearing

Unicorn Table Centerpiece

Image: Posh Mark

What you need:

How to:

  1. Clean and dry mason jars
  2. Paint the mason jars white leaving the bottom part (about 3 inches) unpainted
  3. Brush craft glue to the unpainted part of the jar
  4. Sprinkle with gold glitters
  5. Let dry
  6. Trace and cut the unicorn ears on the gold cardstock
  7. Do the same for the unicorn’s horn
  8. Hot glue artificial flowers at the front of the jar lid
  9. Hot glue ears and horn
  10. Using a black permanent marker, draw the unicorn’s eyelashes

Unicorn Wall Backdrop

Image: Jen T. by Design

What you need:

How to:

  1. Find a wall where you wanted to place your backdrop
  2. Wipe the wall clean, making sure it is dust and dirt free so the tape will not detach
  3. Cut fringes onto your tissue papers, leaving at least 4 inches on top uncut
  4. Tape tissue paper fringes onto the ribbon
  5. Attach tissue papers by color
  6. Secure the ribbon with heavy duty tape on the wall
  7. continue decorating as you wish

Let us know which one you’ll surely try for your next party or project!

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