“Turn Your Old Stuff Into” Ideas

This coming new year, you might plan to do some decluttering at home by disposing some of your old stuff. However, those pieces of belongings, although old, may have sentimental value which make it hard for you to just throw them away.

Good news! You don’t have to make the hard decision of choosing which ones are going to stay and which ones to let go.

Elegant Creators has bright ideas how you can turn your old stuff into something else, into something useful!

Turn your old step ladder into shelves

Image: The Spruce

Turn your old dresser into planter

Image: Eclectically Vintage

Turn your old coffee pot into terrarium

Image: Bored Panda

Turn your old ladder into bookshelf

Image: Anyward.com

Turn your old chair into drink stand

Image: DIY How To

Turn your old dinnerware into jewelry organizer

Image: Chulabird Studio

Turn your old metal soup ladle into candle holder

Image: Bored Panda

Turn your old chair into swing

Image: This DIY Life

Turn your old BBQ grill into plant box

Image: Tara Knighton

Turn your old chairs into dog’s food and drink bowl stands

Image: Recylart

By reusing and repurposing your old stuff, not only you get to keep the ones that hold good memories but you also save space and money. Plus these repurposed stuff definitely showcase your creative side which will surely wow your family and friends anytime they come over!

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