10 Genius Ways To Repurpose Old Picture Frames

Were you also one of those who did “Marie-Kondoing?”

It was New Year’s Day of 2019 when Netflix first released a reality TV show titled Tidying Up With Marie Kondo which quickly became a hit. The show follows a Japanese organizing expert and consultant, Marie Kondo, as she visits families to help tidy and declutter their homes.

If you are about to take out your trash box full of old picture frames, pause for a minute and let Elegant Creators change your mind as we show how you can repurpose old picture frames.

Accentuate bookshelves using old picture frames

Image: Pinterest

For the bookworms, create elegant bookshelves using old picture frames.

Use old picture frame to hold eyewear

Image: Pinterest

From reading glasses to shades, keep everything in one place using this old frame turned into eyewear holder.

Hang accessories and jewelries from a picture frame

Image: Pinterest

Avoid tangled jewelries and accessories and find them instantly. Organize everything by hanging them to a picture frame.

Convert picture frame to a serving tray

Image: Laurel Leaf Farm

Transform frames to serving trays. Coffee, tea, or cookies, serve them using these unique trays.

Picture frame key holder

Image: Pinterest

Never lose house and car keys again when you have this attractive key holder.

Upgrade your light switches using old frames

Image: Pinterest

Got cute small frames lying around? Use them to update your light switches for new look.

Make it a plant holder

Image: Recycle Nation

Succulent, hanging, and other indoor plants just look even better with old frames as a plant holder.

Turn it into hair accessory organizer

Image: Pinterest

It’s never too early to train your little girl to be organized. Using a picture frame hair accessories organizer, teach her where to get bows, clips, and scrunchies when she needs one. Tell her to return them to the same spot every after use.  

Picture frame command center

Image: Rust-Oleum

Forget no more when you have command center perfect for walls like kitchen. Use picture frame to use as a calendar, to-do list, shopping list, and so much more.

From picture frame to stylish centerpiece

Image: Pinterest

Weddings, birthdays, or just any occasion, old picture frames can be one of the most fashionable centerpieces.

Let us know in the comment below “Which one is your favorite and which one you might give a try?

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