10 Ways How To Keep Kids Entertained At A Wedding Party

Solemn, intimate, and elegant — that’s the kind of wedding all brides look forward to having.  

But weddings could be overwhelming and boring for kids.

Some of the concerns of couples who have families and friends with little kids on the guest list are children throwing tantrums, screaming, running around, and meltdown.

Worry no more, Elegant Creators got some amazing ideas to entertain kids at wedding parties. And the good news? You don’t have to spend much to make sure they are well-behaved for the entire duration of your wedding because most of these great ideas can be DIY-ed!

Another awesome stuff: these kiddie activities are highly customizable to coordinate with your wedding theme.

Comment down below to let us know which one is your favorite.

#1 Art Kit

Coloring books, modeling clay, and activity pad are surefire hits with children.

Image: Bliss Weddings
#2 Fun and Games

Kids will be surely entertained with cool games like ring toss, giant tic tac toe, or hopscotch. The wedding ceremony is over even before they know it.

Image: Pinterest

#3 Photo Scavenger Hunt “I Spy”

Give the little children disposable cameras and lists of photos they need to gather.

Image: Best Gift Idea

#4 Movie Room

If your wedding venue has space, leave a kid-friendly moving playing. Disney or Marvel movies will definitely make your little guests occupied.

Image: Pinterest

#5 Kiddie Tent

They will have their own world when they see tents or teepees. Warning: They might not even let you in *wink.

Image: Pinterest
#6 Bubble Stand

Kids will surely enjoy watching glistening orbs floating in the air as they blow bubbles.

Image: Pinterest

#7 Kids Corner

Wedding food is not always kid-friendly. Prepare a separate table where kids can help themselves and offer them treats. Full tummies make kids happy.

Image: Offbeat Bride

#8 Photo Booth

Wacky poses and props, who can resist them? Kids will surely fall in line (or not) to try the photo booth.

Image: Temple Square

#9 Lego Building

These classic building bricks will be one of the top favorite activities.

Image: Pinterest

#10 Glow Sticks

As the wedding day approaches the end, kids might be tired and fussy but with these glow sticks they will still have fun.

Image: OneWed

Let us know which one you might try…

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