DIY Fishbowl Wedding Centerpieces From Elegant Creators

Today, is going to be a little different, because I just wanted to share with you everything that’s been going on with me so far and this centerpieces that you are looking at. I did about six of these centerpieces over the week-end that I was so humbled and I got the opportunity to create for a baby shower.

Watch the full Video:

*If you want to recreate the Fish Bowl Centerpiece yourself click here for the step by step guide blueprint.

Now this centerpiece is absolutely every client that came across me favorite, it’s really an eye-catching centerpiece, it’s absolutely beautiful, you can create it at any type of flowers you want, at whatever you want to do to it, and it will turn out absolutely amazing every client wants to get their hands on that centerpiece, and guess what it is super easy to create it is super affordable all these vases came from the Dollar Tree of course except for the flowers, but you have the option to purchase any kind of flowers that you want, to decorate it however you would like.

I also posted this picture on my Facebook wall and everybody loved that centerpiece, and I also asked how many of you guys has gotten the chance to create the centerpiece? There were so many people inside the elegant creators group that got the chance to create the centerpiece and I absolutely loved how their centerpiece turned out .

If you are not in the elegant creators group you have to join today if you would love to get ideas for a decoration if you love to DIY if you love crafting you have to join the group because it is an amazing group everybody’s in that group helping one another it is absolutely amazing with the ideas you can come out with just being in that group so I thought today I share some of their works on my channel today:

Here are the List Of Elegant Creators Who Recreated this piece with their own look…

We did a Fishbowl Centerpiece challenge, and those are the elegant creators members who took on the challenged and shared their work to also feature in the video on our youtube page.

  • Ketressa Gaines

  • MsDiva Mathews

  • Cheryl Semour

  • Neesa Pettaway

  • Rhonada Morrow McClodden

  • Danille Godley

  • Sharon Ellis

  • Nichelle Haris

  • Olaiya Felder-Dixon

  • Joy Whitfeild-Taylor

  • Carsayel Love

  • Portia Robinson

  • Evetta Green

  • Cyndi L. Brown

  • Avis Daniel

  • Charcinda Demerice

  • Charcinda Val Sewel

  • Shari Conner

  • Hyra Montana

  • Kathy Jones-Tryon

  • Shatonda Cne

  • Shatonda Barber Holmes-Thompson

  • Chrisine Medeiros

  • Susie Rowe

  • Franziska Linnel

  • Anamaria Murillo

  • Theresa Arnold

  • Valerie Slayton-Rivas

  • Winnie Harus

  • Janet Renae Ama King-Haynes

More Creators Who Created The Fishbowl After the Challenge…

Here are some more members who did not feature in the main video but still got the fishbowl centerpiece done after the challenge….

Be sure to comment the blog in comment section if you want to be part of the next challenge, or if you did make it and have a picture…

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