DIY Wine Cork Monogram

The best way to personalize any event, especially a wedding is to use monogram letters. 

A celebrant’s name or the couple’s initials in big monogram letters can truly make the occasion focus on the person or people we celebrate. 

This party décor just fits any theme; be it a kiddie party, baby shower, bridal shower, sweet 16, graduation, and of course wedding. 

We’ve seen different styles used for monogram letters. There are monograms wrapped in fabric canvas. There are also floral (fresh or paper) monogram letters. And of course, one of the most common are the ones covered with glitters.

Today, let Elegant Creators suggest another way to design your monogram letters for your next party: wine cork monogram. 

Supplies You Need:

Tip: ask your local wine bars or favorite restaurant if they can save some corks for you.

Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Gather all materials

Image: Etsy
Image: Hobby Lobby
Image: Etsy

Step #2: Separate thick and thin wine corks

Image: 123F

For fast and easy cork placement, prepare the corks you will need by separating thick and thin and placing them into different containers. You will find yourself needing either thick or thin corks to properly fill the space.

Step #3 Work in batches 

Image: The Suburban Mom

It is important to work batch by batch instead of gluing all wine corks down. This will allow you to place the corks correctly by freely adjusting them when necessary. Placing them in batches and in small portions help you avoid mistakes.

Step #4 Hot glue application 

Image: A Lo and Behold Life

Apply hot glue in the center of the cork. A pea size is more than enough. Try to place the cork on the desired spot first to check if you are satisfied with how it looks before gluing them in place.

Step #5 You are done

Image: Mikkel Paige

Once all areas are covered with wine corks, leave it for at least half an hour to dry. Add hooks if you are going to hang it or rest it against a wall securely with a stand because the finished product is going to be heavy. 

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