DIY Tall Crystals and Pearls Centerpiece

For the ambitiously crafty engaged couples out there, there’s no doubt you want to have a hand in decorating your wedding day. First thing’s first, heed our warning: Don’t wait until the last minute to try a craft you’ve never done before.

This wedding Centerpiece is so beautiful and will make your wedding more elegant and memorable.

Enjoying learning this DIY?  Watch the full video tutorial.

To start making it you need to do the following:

Choose the flowers. Think about which flowers are going to act as the star for the centerpieces, such as hydrangeas, tulips, lilies, etc, and then decide if you are going to focus on a certain color palette or a mix of shades and tones to choose the complementary flowers.


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Glass Crystal Garland Chandelier
Large Pearls Faux Crystal Beads
Red Roses
Blush Roses


Insert the Large Pearls Faux Crystal Beads inside the Bowl

Put some Glue at the tip of the vase and Use a Level to make sure the Vases are lined up straight

Insert the Pearls inside the bowl and put it at the bottom of the Vase and also use a level to make it balanced.

Glue it and put the fishbowl with peals inside and be sure that it is balanced

Close the top with the small bowl with pearls inside.

Glue the top and put the 2nd Vase

Tape the floral foam into the glass plate then insert the flowers

It should look like this

Put the flower at the top. And next, for decorations, Use Floral Pins to attach crystals and pearls.

Well done!

To continue. Click here for the video tutorial.

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  1. This is the best thing you would love for its perfection of flower arrangement, glow the place where every u keep on dining table or living room or room. its very very very very beautiful. everyone loves is and catches anyones eyes its beautiful. highly recommend.

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