DIY Wedding Craze

Wedding planning used to be a kind of event where professional
coordination is a must. In fact, it has became the norm that once
there is a forthcoming big event such as wedding, the first thing
comes to mind is ‘where to look for a wedding coordinator?’ Until
people start to realize “Holy smoke, i can save so much on my
wedding by doing it myself”

How do we define DIY wedding?
Does it mean you don’t hire a wedding vendor at all?
Do you make all the decors, big and small? 

DIY wedding means you do everything yourself. You take the
responsibilities of a coordinator, designer, florist, caterer,
photo and video instead of hiring a vendor to fulfill the tasks.
It is an understanding between the couple, the couple’s families
and close friends that the entire engagement season until the
wedding day will be extremely busy with planning, crafts,
sourcing, and execution.
A DIY wedding decors (also called
handmade) is creating thoughtful details and being hands
on in the process of making your dream a reality. The key is to be
involved without being too stressed and overwhelmed. 

Many engaged couples today embrace DIY wedding decors and
essentials like invitations, giveaways, table numbers and so much
more. Join our Facebook community The Elegant Creators and you will see how many couples use resources and information to put their own dream wedding together.
I’m in awe with the couple’s thoughtfulness as they try their best to make their guests feel special by displaying personal touches. 

DIY-ing can help the soon-to-be bride save money versus buying
every single wedding need. But more than the financial advantage,
it is an amazing memory for the couples to look back as they grow
deeper in love with each other as years go by.

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