10 Unbelievably Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Every bride wants her wedding day to be as elegant and dreamy as how she
imagined it when she was a little girl.

Breathtaking view, heavenly cake, flower wall, beautiful bouquets and fairy lights —
these are some of the wedding essentials that complete the picture of a
bride’s dream wedding. But everybody knows these don’t come cheap.

Good news! Let Elegant Creations share our master guide that will help you save
hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your big day without compromising class:

1. Consider Off-Season For Your Wedding Date

On a budget? You will be surprised by how much you can save when you
decide to get married during the off-season which is from November to March
as well as off-peak day, a weekday or even Sunday. Venues charge less during
these times.

2. Skip A Saturday Wedding

Saturday is the most favorite day for weddings; it is the most popular AND most
expensive. If you want to save your money and spend it on honeymoon or a nice
piece of furniture instead, pick a different day of the week. 

3. Look For A Venue That Allows Other Vendors

Find a venue that doesn’t require you to use their affiliated vendors. You can save
so much when you have the freedom of choosing your preferred caterer, DJ, bartender, photographer, and videographer.

4. Keep Your Guest List Small

300 versus 150 guests? Yes, very big difference especially when it
comes to costing. Make it your goal to have an intimate wedding that will include
your family and close friends. In this way, you do not only save money but you can also attend to them longer, face to face, compared to having a lot of guests.

5. Keep Plus-Ones Under Control

Another way to cut down your guest list is by limiting plus-ones only to your
guests who are married, engaged, and in a long term relationships.

6. Hold Wedding Ceremony And Reception In One Place

Have your wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue to avoid extra
expenses for transportation and other logistics concerns.

7. Go For The In-Season Flowers

When choosing flowers for decors, choose the ones that are in-season and are
grown locally. Go for the flowers that do not have to be shipped from across the
globe and high in supply.

8. Rent A Wedding Dress and Suit

If you don’t mind a lifetime without a single-used wedding dress and suit
buried in your closet, rent. This will slash some serious cash from your budget.

9. Cut Back On Cake

A fondant, four-tiered cake is ridiculously expensive. Ask your baker to create
and decorate a ‘fake’ cake from the bottom to the middle tier. Leaving the top and
the smallest layer for cutting.

10. DIY Wedding Decors and Essentials

Handmade invitations, decors, centerpieces, favors, and other essentials can lessen your expenses. With creativity and by finding the right materials, your wedding
decors and essentials can look as classy as the ones supplied by the vendors.

Visit elegantcreator.com for some creative pieces to help you stay on your wedding budget!

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