How To Make A Diaper Cake

Diaper cake can be a great gift for mom-and dad-to-be. Not only it is an attractive decoration but it is also a practical gift that the new parents will surely appreciate!

You’d be glad to know how easy it is to make a diaper cake.

Let Elegant Creators guide you with the following simple steps:

Supplies You Need:

  • 38 to 40 pieces of diapers for three-tiered diaper cake (23-25 diapers at the bottom,  9 on the middle, 6 on the top)
  • A tall sturdy object for centerpiece – use a half finished roll of paper towel, a large bottle of baby soap, or any object that is heavy enough for the cake to stand
  • Small rubber bands – one for each diaper
  • Large rubber bands – one for each tier
  • Cake stand or a board that will serve as your platform
  • Ribbons (incorporate the color into the baby’s gender, if preferred)
  • Decorative embellishments – baby booties, stuff toys, onesies, etc.


Step #1 Roll each diaper into a cylinder and secure it with a rubber band.

Image: Abby Lawson

Tip: rolling all the diapers before layering and building your nappy cake makes the job faster.

Step #2 Place your tall object at the center of the cake stand or board. Then start making a ring of rolled diapers around it. Make another ring around the first ring for a thicker bottom layer. After the bottom tier is complete, wrap it with a large rubber band.

Image: A Hosting Home

Step #3 Repeat the process for the second and third layer.

Important: do only one ring instead of two rings for the second and third layer. Secure both layers with large rubber bands.

Image: Play Party Plan

Step #4 Wrap wide ribbons around each tier to hide the rubber bands in sight.

Image: Two Twenty One

Step #5 This is the fun part! Decorate your cake. Mix and match embellishments that will match the baby shower’s theme. Use baby stuff like booties, small toys, rubber ducky, etc. Top the cake with a stuff toy or other decorative piece.

Image: Fun-Squared

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