How I Made $5,373.56 With My Decor Business Online For The Month Of March

This is my second month reporting my business profit online.

Remember! The reason i’m writing these report is to motivate you and keep you inform to what’s possible as i intend to grow this business from scratch to a 6 figures then 7 figures online. I know it’s a BOLD claim, not something i’ve done before but i’m pushing hard daily to make this happen, with a little bit of Faith, many sleepless nights, unwavering passion for what i do, I know it’s Possible.

I want to be very transparent of the journey.
On these blog report not only i will share with you how much i earn with each part of my business but i will make it a goal to show you the way to duplicate my results if you decide to do the same. Everything i will be showing you, i will make step by step videos and put them in the Elegant Creators Academy that way you can follow them if you chose to grow your business alongside me.

Just before i share my income report with you
Let me share part of my story with you because i know it might help someone who’s reading this.

I’m still battling with self-confidence issues, sometimes i shoot my videos over and over and over and over again because my mind sometimes just drift in that little corner of my head that keeps saying i’m not good enough, I’m not talented enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not well spoken enough, I don’t deserve this; I have to consistently keep snapping back to the reality that i love what i do.

I learn to agree with myself but still do it anyway… I’m not good enough “You’re right” But I’m still going to do it anyway. I’m not strong enough “You’re right” But I’m still gonna do it anyway.

Many people might not know this, but editing takes me hours, because i keep having to delete many parts. What i learn is not to let my imperfections stop me from doing what i truly want to do. So this is the same advice i can give you… Don’t let Your FEAR win, If you want to do something bad enough, overcome your fear and go make it happen.

This is some of the best advice i can give you…

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Keep following my blog, i’ll share the rest of my story and much more tricks and advices to help you, but let’s get into my Income Report for the month of March 2019

My Income Report For March

Youtube Adsense                            : $1,326.32

Blog Adsense                                 : $120.10

Amazon Affiliate                             : $1,138.57

Dollar Tree Affiliate                        : $138.57

Elegant Creators Academy               : $1,642.00

Ebates                                            : $150 

Sponsor                                           : $8

Offline Gig                                      : $500

Personal Online Store                       : $350


Total                                             : $5,373.56

Youtube March

Youtube / Adsense

Adsense is a program that allows you to monetize your channel by playing advertisement on your youtube videos or on your blog. You become a partner with Google, where they charge people who wants to advertise their business using their platform but because youtube are using your creation to reach your audience they allow you to get a share of the money, which is totally amazing. If you want to learn more about how to open up a youtube channel and earn money from adsense click here…

Adsense for my blog

You can also use Google adsense with your blog website if you have one where they display ads on your blog, you just get a few codes from adsense and place them on your blog and you good to go.

amazon for march

Amazon Associate

You have bought stuff from amazon right? Well amazon associates is a program that allows you to become a partner to amazon the #1 online selling ecommerce brand, multibillion dollar industry. By becoming an associate you are able to earn anywhere from 3%-15% commission on every items that you refer other to buy using a specific link amazon give you that tracks your order. So imagine if you are a creator and you sharing with others your craft, you can also leverage the power of being an amazon affiliate. If you want to learn more how to become an amazon associate click here

Dollar Tree for march

Dollar Tree Associate

For everyone who does DIY definitely think about how you can associate with Dollar Tree, specially if you are gifted with using cheaper alternative to still create Elegance. You can become an affiliate with dollar Tree to market any items the person would buy in person but you just get them to buy them from your link utilizing the internet. To learn more on affiliate marketing click here

Ebates For March

Ebates Associate

Ebates is It’s a company that gives you cash back for shopping through their affiliated stores. Ebates has relationships with thousands of stores and offers discounts or cash back when you shop at these stores through click here to create a free ebates account and start shopping to earn back.

kajabi for march

Elegant Creators Academy

The academy has been the craziest project for myself. Because i said to myself if i discovered a way to build a strong business online i would always give back to the community by sharing with them what’s working, something i wish i had when i first got started. That’s the reason why i build the academy, a place where you can come and learn how to build your business online, get more clients, make more revenues, lear how to build a brand, learn how to market, learn all the necessary tools you need to grow your business utilizing the internet. Get A FREE Account HERE 

In Conclusion

This is my 2nd month of reporting my online business showting you the step by step process to build it from nothing to a HUGHE business just by FAITH and taking massive action.

I want to let you know that i’m noone special, just driven to make a change for my family, also want to impact others as much as possible. I believe if i can do it, so can you. If you develop the passion for it and put in all the work necessary SUCCESS is inevitable. If this is is really what you want to do, don’t wait any longer start doing it.

If you enjoy this blog, please leave a comment in the comment section below…. Also I want to know, would you be insterested in me making one post a month about my income report as we grow to keep you informed? let me know in the comment…

This month estimated earning

To See Last Month Earning Blog CLick HERE

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7 thoughts on “How I Made $5,373.56 With My Decor Business Online For The Month Of March”

  1. You do really weel include affiliate links in blog site to earn additional income.
    I really love that idea, you are a genius

  2. Thank you! Thank you for your help and laying layout the pathway to help others… I too will pay it forward and help others. I love Event Decor.. love Decorating but don’t know business… I just want to decorate. Thank again

  3. You are AWESOME! I was just recently saying I want to become an Event planner/DecorAtor. You totally inspired me to go for it. You are a rare breed because most don’t want to share their God Given talents for free.

    Thank You and continued success😊

  4. Im very happy i came across this blog i too struggle with self confidence quietly but im working on it daily i would love to start an event decorating business as well as party treats at an affordable price to people who would love to have a lavish party for they child but just cant afford it i plan to start off small and grow big world-wide thank you so much for sharing i will be following along your journey step by step hopefully i be successful like you❤🙏

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